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A new dawn

We are standing at the doorway to a new economy.

An age where meaning, money, purpose, and profit together have the potential to revolutionise the future as we know it. It is an exciting time to be alive where we all have an opportunity for our purpose to be seen and heard knowing we are a part of a greater economic shift. This shift is referred to as The Purpose Economy, and it has the potential to literally transform the people and the planet. The stories we write today are creating the realities of tomorrow.

An economy driven by compassion, connection and community may seem like a utopian dream yet a meaningful society is well within our reach if we harness two key propellers. Purpose and Influence. If Impact is our destination we must use purpose as our anchor and influence as our sail. It is from this space we can strategically change the world.

The thought leaders of today will be the on purpose pioneers proactively creating a better tomorrow.


Decoding Purpose unlocks the minds of the most inspiring on purpose influencers, activists, innovators, entrepreneurs, science geeks, creative visionaries and everything in between. What do they have in common? A collective dream to create a more abundant future for the people and the planet.

Decoding Purpose is designed to create a new narrative, via sharing human stories of purposeful optimism about the future. The intention is to unlock the science, psychology, and the influence that generates meaning in our personal and professional lives. If we can demystify purpose we unlock the kind of change that is good for us personally, good for business and good for the world.

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