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MY Purpose

My purpose is to amplify the voices of leaders taking action to positivly affect the lives of others. If we clearly identify our purpose and then use proven strategies to create epic influence we play a bigger game. We are seen, heard and create a new level of impact. 


Rebecca is one of Australia’s leading business consultants specialising in the activation purpose and the art of influence. Over the last five years, she has pioneered a unique branding process designed to unleash the influence of leaders seeking to become a voice of authority within their space, and in doing so create the kind of impact that transforms one life or many. 

Rebecca was a significant player in the founding team that birthed Ode Management, an elite agency representing professional speakers in Australia, Europe, and the USA. Rebecca has worked across both countries as a talent agent, client liaison and more recently as a branding and marketing consultant.

In 2015, she founded a boutique speaker management company The Supernova Tribe whose core focus was to amplify the voices of charity leaders, founders of social enterprise and speakers changing the world. The Supernova Tribe launched international names such as Doctor Jordan Nguyen, Liz Volpe and Future Crunch. This experience laid the foundation for Rebecca to step into the world of coaching business leaders with a vision to build a movement of 'On Purpose Influencers'. 

Today along with her work as a consultant, Rebecca is the Partnerships Manager for Future Crunch. They have a mission to spread a message of optimism presenting science and technology trends that are transforming the planet. She is also the Content Manager for Julie Masters Inside Influence Podcast.  

Along with her entrepreneurial pursuits, Rebecca is a passionate humanitarian. She is a director of Hark Angel who have a mission to build 100 schools in the developing world. She has personally raised in excess of $200,000.00 for charities including The Ted Noffs Foundation, Project Futures, Sunrise Cambodia, Cure for Brain Cancer and Hands Across the Water. She also on the board of Project Gen Z, who are an entrepreneurial movement inspiring the next generation to change the world via the pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams. 

Rebecca is a woman driven by the knowledge that inside of us all is a purpose. A potential ready to take flight. It is the unleashing of that personal power when partnered with intentional influence that creates impact in epic proportions.

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