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Purpose alone is compelling. Purpose with Influence has the power to start a movement.

For more than a decade Rebecca has immersed herself in the world of on purpose influence. She currently manages the Internationally renowned keynote duo, Future Crunch. She is head of content strategy for Julie Masters - Inside Influence, and a senior level consultant to purpose driven speakers and business influencers. 

Rebecca was part of the founding team that launched Ode Management the worlds largest dedicated speaker management agency with offices across the USA and Australia. During this time Rebecca represented global speakers, authors, and business leaders. Influencers living on purpose and taking their message to a global platform reaching thousands of people.

She later founded The Supernova Tribe successfully launching the speaking careers of purpose-driven charity founders, social entrepreneurs, and speakers with a humanitarian focus. In this period of time, Rebecca diligently observed the traits of purpose-driven business leaders, allowing her to master the art of taking an idea, into influence to create positive social impact. 

Purpose alone is compelling. Purpose with Influence has the power to start a movement.



Hosted by Rebecca Tapp

One Dream United unlocks the minds of the most inspiring on purpose influencers, activists, innovators, entrepreneurs, science geeks, creative visionaries and everything in between. What do they have in common? A collective dream to create a more abundant future for the people and the planet.

This podcast is designed to create a new narrative, via sharing human stories of optimism about the future. Our intention is light a fire with the hearts of audiences that inspire them to believe that anything is possible and that despite adversity we can all dream and create a better tommorow. Your on purpose future starts today. Our ‘One Dream United’ is to provide our audience with the tools they need to take a dream idea into influence and influence into impact learning from the people who live on purpose every day.

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