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When we choose purpose, we choose a story of optimism giving our life and our life’s work meaning. A story that empowers us with the tools to influence others and in doing so change the world. We have entered a new dawn and those who influence with purpose will be the leaders that succeed in a new economy redefined and reengineered by the pursuit of meaning.

For more than a decade Rebecca has immersed herself in the intersection between purpose and influence. In that time she has worked in partnership with pioneers of purpose, thought leaders and professional speakers who all have an ability to tell a compelling story that propels an idea into influence in turn creating positive social impact.

Rebecca is the founder of Impact I.D an agency that activates purpose driven business influencer and speaking brands. She currently manages the Internationally renowned keynote duo, Future Crunch and is a consultant for Influence Nation.

She is the host of Decoding Purpose a podcast designed to unlock the science, psychology, and the influences that generate meaning in our personal and professional lives. The podcast is designed to demystify purpose in order to unlock the kind of change that is good for us personally, good for business and good for the world.

Rebecca was part of the founding team that launched Ode Management the worlds largest dedicated speaker management agency with offices across the USA and Australia. During this time Rebecca represented global speakers, authors, and business leaders. Influencers living on purpose and taking their message to a global platform reaching thousands of people.

She also founded The Supernova Tribe successfully launching the speaking careers of purpose-driven charity founders, social entrepreneurs, and speakers with a humanitarian focus. In this period of time, Rebecca diligently observed the traits of purpose-driven business leaders, enabling her to decode purpose in order to bridge the gap between the business world and social impact.

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