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Welcome to my world.

Think of this letter as your permission slip. Your permission to believe in yourself. To believe that you can shine, that your voice can be heard and that it is okay for the world to truly see who you are. In fact, the world needs you right now...It's time to show up for your greatest self. 

See in my world... your dreams are alive. They are not dulled or contained. They don't fit a box. A cookie-cutter has never made a star. Well a star shaped cookie maybe... 

You. You have the potential to be a star. 

So who are you? 

The square peg in the round hole with a wild heart and creative soul. You are daring, disruptive and free. You are the client that defines a dream in me. 

Who am I? 

I have a love for the activation of influence and personal brands…yet my process has depth and soul. My credibility comes alive if you read through my story...but I'm not interested in stories already sold, or already told. 

I create, reinvent and find a new language. I discover whats new in whats old. 

I talk about soul in a real life way. I am a message maker with creative play. I’m a consultant who gets to work with the stars. I inspire the inspired and I make the brands, and I know that the universe gives me a hand.  

My job is to create a vision of you...a public persona that is authentic and true. I believe that dreams are meant to come true. 

I am far from perfect and I am raw. I won't dance around answers because you should expect more. I have made mistakes and I have failed too. You will get all of me, so I can help you too. 

My purpose here is to set you free.

Give you permission to finally breathe. You are unique and the time is now. I am here to help show you how.  

Rebecca x

Official Biography

Rebecca has spent more than a decade working in partnership with global speaking superstars, business influencers and prominent entrepreneurs. She has mastered the art of creating influential brands, curating messages that matter and activating the dreams of people changing the world. 

Rebecca is one of Australia’s leading personal branding consultants. Over the last five years, she has pioneered a unique branding process designed to unleash the dreams of aspiring leaders. Rebecca has cultivated a cross section between corporate experience and strategy, underpinned by the integration of self-development and personal transformation. 

Grounded in steadfast knowledge and experience Rebecca was a significant player in the founding team that birthed Ode Management, an elite agency representing professional speakers in Australia, Europe, and the USA. Rebecca has worked across both countries as a talent agent, client liaison and more recently as a branding and marketing consultant.

In 2015, Rebecca founded her own boutique speaker management company The Supernova Tribe whose core focus was to amplify the speaking messages of charity leaders, founders of social enterprise and speakers changing the world. The Supernova Tribe launched influential names such as Liz Volpe the founder of Project Gen Z, Doctor Jordan Nguyen and more recently the International acclaimed speaking duo known as Future Crunch.

In 2018 The Supernova Tribe merged with Project Gen Z joining forces in order to create a movement of entrepreneurs inspiring tomorrow’s leaders to take action on their dreams and in doing so create social impact.  In yet another pioneering move Rebecca is the founding ‘Dream Activator’ for Project Gen Z with a mission to implement entrepreneurial education in schools, universities and youth focussed communities across the globe.

Along with her entrepreneurial pursuits, Rebecca is a passionate humanitarian. She is a director of Hark Angel whose mission is to work with impoverished communities to build schools in the developing world. She has personally fund raised in excess of $150,000.00 for charities including The Ted Noffs Foundation, Project Futures, Sunrise Cambodia, Cure for Brain Cancer and Hands Across the Water.

Passionate about the fusion of modern thinking and ancient wisdom Rebecca is also a fully qualified energetic healer and a Chakradance teacher. As an educator and speaker Rebecca translates ancient wisdom through a modern framework that can be applied to activate purpose in business.  Rebecca’s passion for personal development also provides a unique framework for her consulting and personal branding process.

Rebecca is a woman driven by the knowledge that inside of us all is a dream. A potential ready to take flight. It is the unleashing of that personal power that positively affects the world. So often all we need is someone who believes we can fly. Rebecca is that person.


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