Do you think you are ready for a personal brand? If that is the case, then this is a must read!

I would never have called myself a psychic. That may have been something I would have reserved for the mystical and magical amongst us, rather than someone like me, who is working with professionals in the speaking industry or activating personal brands. After pondering this subject, I have changed my mind. My process is all about activating intuition and looking deeply into the hidden and open parts of the human soul and unpacking human stories. 

I am totally in love with what I do. When consulting with clients I am honoured to be in a position of unraveling a personal or professional story, to return that story to the client with refinement, structure and most importantly clarity about who they are, and the unique gift they offer the world.

I have worked with over thirty 'personal brand stories' this year (some speakers, some entrepreneurs), and I am blessed. For every one of those clients, I get to unpack chunks of wisdom, exploring a multitude of characters, personalities, and unique brands. For every person I work with I get to keep a hand full of that wisdom, enabling me also to utilize the tools I co-create with these amazing people. In essence, I have become a chameleon of characters, each with light and shadow that I continue to draw on and utilise in all of the different carnations of me (and there have been many versions!).

We all do this in some part. On a genetic level, we are imprints of our parents, and then they also influence us through the values they hold. We often talk of ‘Proximity as Power’ knowing that the people we spend time with, are a reflection of our own journey. Our life partners are paramount, in molding our personalities. A great friend of mine spoke wisely, stating that the success of a long-term relationship lies in our ability to let that person change us. A healthy relationship will inspire change, growth, and evolution and I think that is the point. Whether it is our lovers, family or friends we all integrate parts of each other acting as a maze of mirrors into each other souls so that we can lean in, learn and keep evolving as human beings.

It is one thing to get a hot website and a funky logo in unpacking a brand, but that alone is not the essence of unpacking a personal brand. A personal brand is the essence of a human being. A personal brand is brave, because it requires an unbridled authenticity, an ability to understand the depth of oneself, the strong parts, and the fragile, vulnerable parts.

Once we have stepped into that discovery, there also needs to be an ability to know what’s missing in ourselves. To ask, what parts of me need activating to create balance, authenticity and to transform into the fullness of potential. This is a brave and spiritual process that requires releasing the old patterns, old thinking and awakening a new and improved version of oneself.

It also requires an ability to look to those around you near or far, and integrate parts of another person’s wisdom, to evolve your personality. To give you a personal example, my best friend Amanda has a unique ability to balance logic with emotion, to make stable decisions based on a combination of both empathy and knowledge. Now I, on the other hand, am a fiercely creative person, who at times can be too quick to take action, acting from emotion, and in that process creating a mini train wreck for myself. Now I am not saying my best friend is perfect – but this personality trait is fairly perfect in her. To access and integrate that trait - when faced with decisions I ask myself ‘What would Amanda say, how would she act, or feel?’. In becoming ‘Amanda,’ in those moments, I activate a logical and rational approach that compliments my emotional process. Being Amanda creates a balance in Bec.

If you are committed to developing a personal brand, It is imperative to understand the authentic process that is involved. Be daringly honest about weakness, and address what is required to create and evolve into the fullest and most authentic version of you. Once you are comfortable with that, become the chameleon and look to 'personality' icons you wish to emanate and then integrate those traits. Once you are clear on the next incarnation of you, be ready to own it, because a successful personal brand is loud and has Impact. It's onstage, it's online, and it's in life, so make sure you are brave, be proud, and then be bold, bold, bold.

lizzy hodgins