Meaning Or Purpose?

In October I was slapped in the face by a game changer. An experience that flipped everything I thought I knew about purpose on its head. Something that made me reevaluate what purpose meant for me. Of particular note I have explored why meaning and purpose cannot exist without the other.

The thing is for the last two years I have explored all aspects of purpose. I have shouted out loud about it, and I have bantered about the significance of its presence in our lives. I have written articles, blogs and promoted purpose until I have been blue In the face. I was clearly spending a lot of time speaking about purpose; however, many of life's greatest gifts come from listening. Listening for the meaning in the message. 

The truth is before October I did listen and I felt something was missing in my life. 

I had been working for months on amplifying the messages of extraordinary human beings who were changing the world. Regarding work I was on purpose, but lacked the meaning and connection required to build sustainability in my business. I think for many founders half of the battle is staying committed to grand visions, and meaning is the anchor that keeps us on track. 

Purpose and Meaning - Whats The Difference?

I like to think of purpose as our global mission. I have over the years collected tools and talents in managing and consulting professional speakers, so, therefore, a part of my gift is to use those skills to amplify the voices of people changing the world. I have found purpose in reflecting upon my experience, my talents and the time I have available. 

Finding meaning (for me) is a deeply personal mission. It is an inner connection provided by a lived experience; that aligns us with purpose but also with passion. It is the fire in the belly and the desire for more.

A purpose is like a seed that will find us if we explore, however meaning is the soil that plants the seed and grows the flower. 

Finding Meaning:

I think it was around August when Liz Volpe who is a Supernova Tribe speaker and the founder of Project Gen Z approached me inviting me to join a crew of Australia’s premier entrepreneurs to teach young people based at Sunrise in Cambodia presentation skills. Truthfully at the time I was stressed about meeting fundraising targets and taking time away from my business, but a little voice inside me was insistent that this trip was my dharma. As a result, I boarded a plane from Sydney on the 5th of October.


I thought I went to Cambodia to change the world. I didn’t realise that the world was about to change me.

We had a fantastic time in Cambodia and the people I travelled with felt like life-long friends by the end of the ten days. Together we created a 'dream team' with a mission to educate young people on the skills and mindset required to be entrepreneurs and world-changers. Spending time with some of the most incredible business leaders in this country was enough to smash through a few personal glass ceilings, but it was the Sunrise kids that gave us the gift of meaning. 

Click here for more information on Project Gen Z programme, however, needless to say; it was this experience that taught me the difference between meaning and purpose. Of all of the celebrities, thought leaders and professional speakers I have worked with I have never felt as fulfilled, rewarded and inspired in knowing that teaching these young people presentation skills (and business skills) will give them a foundation to heal the world through entrepreneurialism. All they need to do is Dare to Dream. 

In conclusion, this experience has activated a much deeper sense of meaning. My mission is still about the activation of purpose, but some of that process is letting the idea evolve, change and grow. I hope that my journey into purpose and meaning might help you in what is an adventure and discovery of our most authentic self. 

Over the next few months, you will see some of these insights manifest as The Supernova Tribe, and I continue to grow, evolve and transform. We are growing wings in 2017, and our product will continue to be a game changer in the industry with an intention for us to collectively create as much social change and Impact as possible. We have some incredible partnerships in place; we will be launching a new website over the holidays and personally my vision has never been clearer or more compelling. 

I can't wait to share our journey with you all. Becs x 

lizzy hodgins