Four Reasons Why Purpose Is for the Brave

I am an avid fan of The Collective Magazine. I bought the very first edition five years ago and this week with a small tear in the eye purchased the final print edition. The Collective Magazine has been a small addiction over the last five years not only fuelling my inspiration reading tales of entrepreneurial genius but making me feel like a human being as I discovered a purpose-driven community who like me were seeking out a purposeful life. I even met one of my best friends at a Collective Magazine lunch in Potts Point.

On Monday I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across the headline,

"Dear Startup Community; our inspiration, our sole reason for being. In life, nothing stays the same, and who would want it to?"

I was, of course, curious to learn more, so logged on to Lisa Messengers website where I found a video interview between Lisa and The Collective Magazine's editor Amy Molloy. In the video, Lisa chatted candidly about her decision to exit the print magazine after five years.

I have watched Lisa's journey from day one. For those of us on the outside, we observed what seemed to be extremely hard work translated into epic success. Massive wins and global domination. The Lisa Messenger brand was also born, and we witnessed a woman who to the public eye embodied everything she spoke about.

The daring, disruptive, the bold, the brave, the broken and the beautiful.

Lisa has always showcased authenticity. In saying all of that, It was on Monday watching Lisa announce ‘the big news’ that I felt a real sense of being in awe of a truly great human being and soul driven influencer. Someone who I deeply respect, not only as an entrepreneur but a spiritual leader. A teacher.

In honor of this moment of awe, I wanted to put together a blog with four reasons why purpose is for the brave. Lisa, you are brave, bold, daring, disruptive, raw and authentic. I salute your ability to surrender, to step into truth, have faith, face fear and allow yourself to be of service to the planet via the light you shine…. simply by being true to yourself and your soul driven mission. Rock on.



As founders we are married to our vision and work tirelessly to bring our dreams to life, but what happens when our purpose shifts away from our current creation or situation? Do we wage a battle between the heart and the head… or do we instead raise a white flag and surrender?

The answer seems easy in theory however it is never easy if we have the perception that we have lost, that we have failed or if we are drowning in shame. Added to that it’s not easy to divorce from what was once our driving dream. A dream that has consumed every heartbeat, and painted every vision, and has penned every song. Purpose asks us to step into truth and be brave. The only way forward is to step through fear, let go and surrender.


Let me put it to you this way. You have been dating Mr or Mrs perfect for the last five years but you know in your heart of hearts the relationship is past the use by date and the passion is gone. Like Barbie and Ken the whole world thinks the relationship is perfect, and you question yourself over and over, but inside there is a deep yearning to jump over the fence and run. You don’t know where you're running or why but you know there is a greater love and a greater calling.

Purpose is that soul mate that will ask you to listen to your inner voice in order for true love to be found (and yes in a lifetime there may be more than one love). Sometimes that old boyfriend or girlfriend can be a job, business or project that you need to leave behind. Purpose will ask you to let go of what was, and follow your truth with courage into the future and beyond.


I know a lot of people reading this blog may not be spirituality minded. In fact, some of you like my partner may be complete atheists. I don’t really mind what your take is on faith or how you define it….but whatever it is purpose asks for it.

When we are leaving a job, business, relationship, house or whatever it is that has defined who we were, rather than where we are going we need to have faith that there is something better for us on the other side. If we didn’t have faith as an anchor we would never take a risk.

Sometimes we are forced into these scenarios by life’s chaotic design, and sometimes we create them but regardless we require a deep inner belief to keep our candle burning when we are in the dark. 


Random example but when I think of melting fear I have an image of the wicked witch of the west melting in The Wizard of Oz. We can think of purpose as our symbolic journey through Oz where we are first required to kill the witch before clicking our ruby red slippers and returning home.

Another way to look at this is to accept one's shadow (our inner witch) as a part of the purpose process. Emotions such as shame, humiliation, vulnerability, fear, and doubt when processed all have the power to reveal our greatest selves if we are courageous in the pursuit of our inner truth.

Purpose is an adventure for the brave. It is a soul-driven pursuit that asks to step into transformation and in doing so allow our selves to be of our greatest service to the planet. Purpose asks to step out of ego and intro contribution. To let go of fear and embrace love. To choose truth over illusion and to ultimately be responsible for the creation of our happiness today and into the future.

More significantly purpose is a choice and gives us choice. We can choose to begin again, love again and transform again. The sun will always rise in the land of purpose.

Rebecca Tapp