way finding for the purpose driven leader and influencer


The creation of a business influencer strategy speaking brand can be exciting yet daunting. Working with the guidance of an experienced industry professional who can lay the foundations and work with you in partnership to create the blueprint is simply invaluable.

With years of experience as a talent agent and consultant, working with some of the Asia Pacific’s and USA's most prominent thought leaders – Rebecca gets it and she’s the person you want on your team. She’s not into time wasting and is an expert at streamlining strategic pathways and identifying opportunities to get cut-through in a fiercely competitive business landscape.

If you’re serious about building your profile, owning your voice and becoming the leading expert in your field of expertise then the Ignite program is your launch pad. Content creation and structure can be an overwhelming process, and that is why Rebecca has created a tried and tested methodology enabling clients to gain clarity of purpose, and then using that purpose as the foundation for business influence.



Creating measurable social impact is at the heart of positive social change, and that is a message that deserves to reach millions. When we are on a mission to change lives, the people who support our cause are the currency enabling a charity or business to flourish. Lose that support and you lose the mission. 

In the digital age, we follow humans over brands. In a world saturated in digital white noise, your audience seek out what they trust, what they feel and a message that truly matters over a brand name any day. As socially minded entrepreneurs, we have a great human story to tell, and our profile is what will build a tribe and create a movement. After all...people trust you more than your brand, and that is why they choose to support you over other organisations.  

Impact is designed to enable entrepreneurs to gain clarity on the story they tell about purpose. It is a process that uses proven business influencer and thought leadership marketing strategies with an intention to create a loyal following in support of a purposeful mission.