THE AMPLIFY PACKAGE Marketing, Sales and PR

THE AMPLIFY PACKAGE Marketing, Sales and PR


Amplify is designed for speakers and Influencers who are comfortable with their speaking brand, but need direction with regards to creating increased influence, brand gravity and lead generation.

Amplify is jam-packed with proven and successful strategies tried and tested in the speaking Industry, however, customisation is key as we work together in unlocking limiting belief systems or behaviors that may be inhibiting the ability for a speaker and or influencer brand to take flight.


Amplify Includes 3 x 75-minute coaching sessions including a discovery session and then moving through marketing, sales and PR strategies specific to the speaking industry. 

This session is designed for the dreamer who…

  • Wants to amplify their speaking or business influence brand.
  • Is looking to create and implement a sales or marketing strategy as a speaker or influencer.
  • Is looking to grow their business as an influencer or speaker.
  • Is seeking clarity of purpose, passion and positioning in an emerging influencer market.
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