THE WISE ONE Coaching Session

THE WISE ONE Coaching Session

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As a speaker, Influencer or entrepreneur we all dream of creating a personal brand that generates opportunities and creates impact. In an age where influence is the foundation for consumers to build trust and to connect with a brand, it is as vital to implement a strategy that showcases YOUR story as much as that of the brand or company you represent.

'The Wise One’ is a 90-minute coaching session with Rebecca where you will gain insights and advice specific to your story online, onstage or in life.  

This session is designed for the dreamer who…

  • Is seeking to refine content in order to build relevance and impact.
  • Is looking to connect content they are passionate about with a message that solves client pain points.
  • Is seeking to amplify influence and gravity around their personal brand.
  • Is seeking clarity of purpose and passion.
  • Is looking to Identify and work through roadblocks with regards to stepping into a personal brand.
  • Is seeking advice on sales and marketing strategies in the speaking industry.
  • Is seeking advice and feedback from an Industry professional.
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