Karen James - A Life On Purpose

It feels like there’s no better place to start for exploring the concept of purpose, than with a discussion with Karen James. This absolute powerhouse of an author, facilitator, consultant and keynote speaker has thrown all that she’s got at elevating our conversations of purpose as a society, and enabling everyone to tap into the power of examining existence.

An engineer by background, a passionate social advocate by choice, a champion for women’s rights and a proud single mother, it’s no surprise that my conversation with Karen was not only filled with soulful insight, but with stories, practical advice and tools for what it means to identify and implement purpose in our lives.

We dove in on some of the biggest questions possible surrounding the idea of purpose, like is discovering purpose a choice or chance? When truly switched on, how can purpose help guide some of our day-to-day actions, not just our overarching strategies? What role does storytelling play in the role of purpose?

“It [discovering your purpose] can take months, but once you’ve nailed it, it can last you decades”

It can be hard to talk about purpose without it becoming a conversation of lofty concepts and ambiguous references, which made my conversation with Karen all the more impressive. I walked away with some really clear inspiration on how to begin working through these questions for myself and my business. How to create a purpose blueprint, and the important of knowing what we stand for and value and how these things can become a compass, and not just a collection of nice words.

“If you have a strategy, or a purpose, that you can’t execute, you just have a slogan” - Karen James