Amy Molloy - Purpose & Peace, Instead of This

If you’ve tuned into the first few eps of my podcast, you’ll have heard by now that Decoding Purpose is all about exploring every avenue I can find about this idea of purpose. Already, in our few short weeks we’ve delved into organisational purpose, and taken a trip down science lane to explore what our bodies and science can teach us about this concept of purpose, and in this conversation with international journalist Amy Molloy, we delve into what I see as a huge part of the heart and soul of this conversation - our personal purpose, and how our stories continually transform the way we approach our reason for existence.

Amy’s sell-out book, The World is a Nice Place: How to Overcome Adversity Joyfully was the product of ten years' worth of research, interviewing empowered survivors about their coping mechanisms for overcoming the worst experiences of your life whilst still hoping for the best. To date, she has written 14 books under her own name as a ghost-writer for high-profile entrepreneurs, entertainers and wellness influencers. The woman is an absolute powerhouse, but also one of the most down to earth and heartfelt people I’ve ever crossed paths with.

 As a master story-teller, and someone who her husband has nicknamed ‘the storytelling whisperer’ because of her innate ability to draw the important stories out of the people around her, Amy has a beautiful way of acknowledging the way that our stories and the way we tell them has changed, but their influence has not. As a tool for influencing our purpose, Amy and I spoke about how stories of hardship, of motherhood, of grief and hope and joy, all contribute to us feeling day to day, the ability to change our worlds for the better.

 I know I’m not allowed to pick favourites, and every podcast I record is special, but there was something really close to my heart about this conversation with Amy. So special one part of me wanted to keep it to myself, but the other part of me knows needs to get it out into the world! I’m excited to share this one with you - be sure to check it out, and get your hands on Amy’s books, she truly is a purpose-filled worldchanger!