Tané Hunter - The DNA Of Purpose

When I set out on exploring this idea of the Decoding Purpose podcast, I wasn’t entirely sure which directions it would take me in, but I had a select few people in mind who I knew had to be involved from early on. Tane Hunter, one half of the brains that is Future Crunch was one of those people.

A self confessed science geek, a cancer researcher, bio-informatics, and science communicator. He holds a Masters in Bioinformatics from the University of Melbourne, and has worked for the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital diagnosing rare genetic diseases. In short, this guy knows a lot about the way our bodies work, and about all of the very specific things they do to keep our bodies alive.

It turns out there’s a lot of lessons we can learn from our bodies, from the impact of having a positive outlook giving us a longer lifespan, to the way that DNA’s sole purpose is to constantly create and recreate, that we can learn and apply in our own pursuit of purpose.

“The fundamental purpose of life is to keep living and keep creating”

As someone who has recently spent a lot of time around people with this kind of brain, the science-y, seek the golden facts kind of brains, this conversation taught me why it’s great to be challenged and stretched. Why it’s good to be placed outside of your comfort zone and spend some time letting the people around you talk about the things that they’re experts in.

It also taught me, that even when you’re not thinking about it - you’re on purpose. Your body is doing exactly the thing it was designed to do, how cool is that!