Jessica Ruhfus - The Gathering: Decoding Shared Purpose

There is an age-old saying that 'Two heads are better than one' and that is why in episode 5 of The Decoding Purpose Podcast I wanted to unlock everything there is to know about collaboration. The art of creating shared purpose.

Today's guest is a self-proclaimed marketing geek with a passion for playing cupid in the world of brand partnerships. Her name is Jess Ruhfus and she is the founder of Collabosaurus, a brand-to-brand matchmaker for marketing partnerships.

Jess founded Collabosaurus in 2014, and since then the business has grown core revenue at an average of 157% year on year. That said, a very down to earth Jess would tell you herself that while she is extremely proud of her entrepreneurial success....her adventure has only just begun. Jess is undoubtedly the Aphrodite of brand partnerships and I have watched in awe from the sidelines as this 'match making' goddess continues to rise.

Collabosaurus was built with the intention to source and create growth opportunities in any industry via collaboration, and the same principles are so easily applied to the pursuit of shared purpose. That is why I am so excited about today's episode of decoding purpose.

Jess and I unpacked a plethora of tools and tips to assist any leader looking to collaborate. We covered off:

  • What to look out for in the right purpose partner. 

  • How to attract and or reach out to that person or brand.

  • How do we find the collaboration sweet spot via an alignment in values, aesthetics and outcomes.

  • The importance of embracing a Karma Culture in shared purpose and why an abundant mindset is at the heart of successful purpose partnerships.

While Jess is a specialist in brand partnerships, this podcast has something for everyone.

For those of you seeking to better understand purpose this podcast will unlock what it takes to get clear on your purpose, in order to go on a shared adventure of purpose with another. For corporate leaders looking to enhance collaboration within an organisation Jess’s partnership process is sure to provide a pathway to break down silos and get your teams working together on shared projects.

To the entrepreneurs of those of you who dream of becoming one then this podcast is FOR YOU! There is so much to learn about purpose by simply hearing Jess's incredible startup journey. While there have been epics wins along the way (Jess in the winner of the ANTHILL 30Under30 AWARD 2017 amongst other awards), the growth of Collabosaurus has also required a special kind of grit that only comes from a sheer faith in purpose...and a deep inner knowing that the universe will lead the way.

So, kick back, find a friend, grab a coffee or beverage of your choice, and get ready to dive into your collaborative joy. The joy found in gathering together to share in purpose.