Zach Mercurio - The Invisible Leader & The Power of Authentic Purpose

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There’s nothing more exciting than finding somebody that not only matches, but maybe even levels up my enthusiasm when discussing the topic of purpose. With such a big topic it’s not often that you come across an “expert” in the matter, and when you do, it doesn’t necessarily mean that our ideas are going to align. But thankfully, in the case of Zach Mercurio, I found a kindred spirit!

Zach Mercurio, is one of the leading experts in the role of purpose and meaning in organisation’s, work and life. Through speaking, consulting, and research, Zach has helped diverse organizations and individuals around the world understand how purpose and meaning unleashes human potential to create thriving organizations and lives.

The author of “The Invisible Leader: Transform Your Life, Work, and Organization with the Power of Authentic Purpose”, founder and author of, the popular blog on purposeful leadership, Zach serves as a researcher and Adjunct Faculty at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado where he teaches courses on purposeful leadership and organizational development as he completes his PhD in Organizational Learning, Performance, & Change.

The short story is, that he really knows his stuff when it comes to creating and strengthening the links between encouraging individuals to refine their authentic purpose, and the purpose of the organisations they are working for.

In today’s podcast, we touched on things like how our individual sense of self is critical to the broader strategic goals of our organisations, the role of understanding and exploring our own contribution and significance in everything we do, and how important taking the time to inspect and craft our own narratives around these things can help make our collective impact greater.

“When people realise that they can do it now, where they are, that they don’t have to make a drastic career shift…but that right now there is inherent meaning and purpose in their everyday and that this whole purpose thing isn’t as daunting as it can be decoded and brought into our micro-practices.”