Dan Pontefract: The Purpose Effect - Reawakening Purpose In The Workplace

The Friday morning I spoke with Dan Pontefract wasn’t just the morning I recorded episode number 6 of Decoding Purpose. It was the morning I spent laughing and exploring big ideas with a new friend. One of my favourite things about this podcast is that it’s bringing together so many like minded, on purpose people. My world is so getting so much bigger, and the best part? I get to share that with my Decoding Purpose audience.

Dan Pontefract is a renowned voice in organisational culture and leadership - in a past life he got the staff engagement levels to almost 90% at TELUS, one of Canada’s biggest telecommunications companies! He’s now authored several books, spoken at a number of TED events and regularly writes for the likes of Forbes, Harvard Business Review and The Huffington Post. Having now founded his own firm, The Pontefract Group, Dan and I enjoyed a conversation about all the incredible things he’s learnt in his career, and lifetime, about finding our sweet spots as humans.

“you know you’re in the sweet spot, when you wake up and whether it’s a Monday or a Saturday, so whether it’s work or life, you’re not dreading anything. You want to get up on a Saturday and go, you want to get up on a Monday, and go, because whether it’s work or life, it’s like you’ve found it! You’re not dreading a thing. SO that’s the personal question you’ve got to ask is, am I dreading anything or am I actually looking forward to whatever the day has instore for me whether it’s a weekend, weekday or I’m on holiday.”

As someone who’s seen the reality of life in huge organisations, and the importance of having your people engaged and committed to both their own sense of purpose, and the organisation’s sense of purpose, Dan is the perfect blend of down to earth, insightful, analytical yet unashamedly human. Sounds like the perfect person to interview on Decoding Purpose right? We touched on how to find your sweet spot, what it feels like to be operating in your purpose, how to inspire those around you and organisationally the importance of allowing individuals to take the space to chase their own personal purpose.

We discussed the process of The Purpose Effect, the activation of personal purpose and how to align that purpose to an organisational mission. We looked at challenges faced by modern leaders in implementing purpose-driven business strategies and debunked some of the common myths about purpose.

It truly is a delight to share this conversation with you.