Tom Dawkins: Inside Impact - The Purpose Economy

Well, they say you should never do business with friends or family, but this week’s episode of Decoding Purpose says that it maybe working with a friend wasn’t a bad decision, but one that resulted in one of the longest and most diverse episodes of this podcast yet!

Having known Tom, co-founder of social enterprise crowdfunding platform Start Some Good for a number of years, I knew a few things coming into this episode:

  1. There would be no shortage of rabbit holes and tangents for us to jump into

  2. His incredible knowledge of the social enterprise space, and the importance of purpose in business would make for a spectacular conversation

  3. That no amount of planning would guarantee exactly the outcome of this conversation

From democracy, to finding your tribe, creating collective purpose through storytelling, the need for failure, the “new way” of doing business, collaborations, collective purpose and shoes, my conversation with Tom is everything you’d expect of a conversation between two old friends who are passionate about changing the world. Energetic, inspired and lengthy! *insert crying laughing face emoji*

But I can assure you - for those that lean into the over an hour of goodness we’ve got for you this week, there won’t be any disappointment.

“no one is interested in you telling them what they should care about, or what they should think. But there are lots of people out there that do already care about the same things as you.”

If you need a burst of inspiration to find the people who are going to help change the world in the same way you’ve been dreaming of - tune into episode 8 of Decoding Purpose with Tom Dawkins here <LINK>

Rebecca Tapp