Caroline Guillemain-Brunne - A Life Of Intention & The Plan For Purpose

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Hello and welcome to Episode 9 of Decoding Purpose. Today’s guest Caroline Guillemain-Brunne is the founder of Organise.Curate.Design - an organisation dedicated to helping busy bodies not only get on top of those tasks we seem to constantly procrastinate, but also put in place strategies to manage the work life balance moving forward.

Over the last few weeks I have spent hours decoding purpose personally, professionally, as a tool for transformation and a process that enables us to uncover our most authentic gifts to the world, but at the end of the day none of that is possible unless we get intentional about living a life of purpose and create the space for purpose in our lives.

Why? Because we are all insanely busy in this fast paced modern world. For some we are riding the nine to five grind, for others we are working as freelancers or entrepreneurs and dealing with client expectations around the clock, and for the busy parents out there juggling the competing demands of kids, families, careers, and the list goes on.

The must dos alone can be overwhelming, let alone creating a space for meaning. This is exactly why it is so important that we get intentional about purpose. That we show up and make the choice, the space, and honour the role of purpose in our lives as we would any other part of mental, emotional or spiritual well being.

Having worked with Caroline over the last few months I can tell you that she is a wild entrepreneur by nature, a mother of 2, and has earned herself a world class reputation in the organisation of high performing humans. She is incredibly aware of how important purpose is in directing and guiding our most valuable asset. Our attention.

In today's conversation we discussed:

  • The role of intention in the pursuit of purpose.

  • What it takes to create a meaningful life plan

  • The practicalities of being a parent and having a purpose

  • How to deal with procrastination gremlins taking us of track

  • And we take a look at the intersection of purpose, leadership and high performance and within that how as high performers we can stay true to purpose from the inside out.

Today’s episode of Decoding Purpose is a beautiful exploration of how the lofty concept of purpose can be incredibly meaningful in the smallest moments of our everyday lives. An incredible grounded and thoughtful soul, I hope you enjoy today’s conversation with Caroline Guillemain-Brunne.