Brian Mohr: Meaning Magnets - Hiring On Purpose


In today's episode we will be zooming across the world to Phoenix Arizona to talk to an entrepreneur who I admittedly stalked on LinkedIn upon discovering the existence of a purpose driven leadership recruitment firm. When I landed on Brians Mohr's profile I instantly started jotting down a 1000 questions and I knew that I had to have Brian on the show!

After all, never before has there been a poignant time for purpose when it comes to talent attraction and recruitment. With emerging trends redefining the future of work such as flexible working, and the gig economy as two examples and of course the millennials who are the most purpose driven generation to exist taking up 35% of the global workforce...hiring on purpose is a force for business success that cannot be ignored.  

With that in mind, If you are a business leader or entrepreneur looking to future proof your organisation then this podcast is for you. At the same time if you are an employee looking to apply purpose in your role, or you are seeking to work for an organisation that is in alignment to your purpose then there are also chunks of gold in here for you.

Brian Mohr, has dedicated countless years of his career exploring the intersection of work and purpose. He has an intense focus on people, purpose, values, culture, leadership, and advocating capitalism as a force for good. A founding member of, one of the original online job boards, Brian over 11 years grew to over 350 employees and $38m in revenue - and their secret to success? privileged purpose and values alignment just as important as career experience, education and skills.

For the last 6 years Brian and his co-founder Max Hansen have expanded on this philosophy, founding YScouts - the first purpose-based leadership search firm. As the first President of the Arizona chapter of Conscious Capitalism for Good, it’s obvious that if there’s one thing Brian knows well - it’s the incredible value that can be seen when individuals are connected with meaningful work. Brian and Max are also the co authors of the book ‘Hiring On Purpose’.

  • In today’s conversation, Brian and I deep dive into what it means to lead in a manner that truly leverages the gifts and talents of people to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around you.

  • We dive into the gap between leaders who understand purpose and those who don’t and why.

  • We touched on the huge influence purpose and meaningful work has on the bottom line of businesses, and how the intersection of purpose and work is only going to become more important as we launch into a future driven by technology.

Despite being a conversation driven by topics of work and business, Brian’s human-centred philosophy was such a refreshing reflection on the fact that the future of work isn’t all robots and AI, but that it’s human - and to be reminded of our humanity is always a timely reminder, after all it’s impossible to disconnect our sense of purpose, with our sense of what it means to be a human in the workplace.