Sara Brooke: Soul Medicine - The Spiritual Practice Of Purpose

For those that know me well, the barefoot, chakra dancing, soul driven version of Becs makes a regular appearance in everyday life. I, like Episode 11’s guest of Decoding Purpose Sara Brooke, believe that the concept of our soul purpose, and our everyday life, simply cannot be separated.

So it was an absolute delight to this week take a slight detour from the last few weeks of corporate and collective purpose, to talk all things spirituality, soul, chakras and practical ways to activate these, in some cases more hidden aspects of our purpose.

Today’s conversation is perfect for those of us who struggle to connect with the concept of “following your gut” or trusting your instinct, and what was obvious to me as that our guest Sara has an unwavering dedication to those around her to help them connect with their true selves, and their soul purpose.

Creator of The Space in Between, based in Melbourne, Australia, Sara is an accredited Reiki Master Teacher, Soul Medicine Therapist, Ritual Weaver & Ceremonialist. Sara’s work is about guiding people to ground the sacred in their everyday life and remember their true nature.

“our mind is this incredible researcher that wants to understand and box, and can find things and creates and weaves stories, but the soul is the part that’s beyond that, it’s the canvas that’s holding everything of us”

Sara believes we are living at an extremely important “tipping point” of human history. That our consciousness and awareness is expanding rapidly, and that the choices that we make now will have a ripple effect on how we evolve as a species. We are all being called to action the guidance our souls are giving us and the world as we know it is changing.

Today, get ready to take a moment to look inwards, to listen to a part of your heart, your soul, that you might not have connected with in a while. I promise, that moment will pay itself back over and over again.

Follow the link below to listen to Episode 11 of Decoding Purpose.