Lisa Messenger: The Collective Evolution Of Purpose (Part 2)

Hello and welcome to today’s bonus episode of Decoding Purpose.

For the regular listeners you would know that normally we release an episode every fortnight, however sometimes the universe delivers a guest that we simply could not get enough off! With that in mind, welcome to part two of my incredible interview with the game-changing founder and CEO of the Collective Hub - Lisa Messenger.

Lisa’s brand new book ‘Work from Wherever: How to set yourself free (and still achieve)’ will be hitting the shelves of your local bookshop tomorrow so before diving into part two, if you haven’t listened to part one make sure you check out episode 13 as the podcast is jam packed with juicy content highlighting all of Lisa’s amazing perspectives on themes covering the Future Of work, business and the economy in addition to exploring what it is to feel prosperous, peaceful and on purpose with the ultimate freedom to work from wherever. Lisa also gives us a few hints on what her next grand adventure might look like!

In part two we journey backwards through the chapters (or shall I say book titles) of Lisa’s collective evolution. We dig into the daring and disruptive, the bold and brave, the fierce, the feminine and even the things she may not have otherwise spoken about… showcasing the beauty in it all. If you are someone who has followed lisa’s journey as many of us have over the years you will enjoy gaining the inside insights into Lisa’s very public journey into purpose.

I enjoy learning from every guest I have on the podcast, but I have to say that I loved interviewing Lisa because there is nothing hidden, forbidden or held back - she is always in complete contribution. Lisa is everything she claims to be...she walks her talk, and is completely aligned to her purpose. This is why I believe her light burns so brightly in the hearts of so many aspiring or established entrepreneurs….who are seeking out a friend, a role model, a face and a voice that feels like home. This why she is and always will be the entrepreneurs entrepreneur.

Welcome to part two of the collective evolution with Lisa Messenger.

LISA PT2 copy.jpg