Lisa Earle McLeod: Noble Purpose & Driving Revenue With Pride

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the word noble, there’s a couple of images that spring to mind. There’s images of knights or soldiers defending kingdoms, and images of people like Mother Theresa placing their own needs aside for the needs that they can see in the world. In the mix of these images, I can guarantee that one of the last images to spring to mind, is that of a salesman. But in this episode of Decoding Purpose, I certainly had a new perspective from guest Lisa McLeod on how the word noble epitomises something much more personal, accessible and individual to each and every person - beginning with the sales people! 

A global expert in operationalising purpose, Lisa introduced Noble Purpose® to the world in her best selling book, Selling with Noble Purpose. Her research demonstrates how organisations with a purpose bigger than money make more money and generate greater customer and employee engagement.

Following spending time with some incredible high performing sales people, Lisa realised that those who could connect what they were selling with the people they were selling to, produced bigger results than their counterparts.

“I was trying to find language to describe the emotion these people had that propelled them to go the extra mile, and actually be more assertive, than some of their counterparts because they were what we came to call true believers. It was the nobility of that, I’m here because patients need me, I’ve got to sell this drug because patients need it. Or later we built an adventure travel company and it became “our trips change peoples lives! I’ve got to sell more, I want more lives to be changed!” That feeling was common in the top performers and we needed a word to capture that, and noble became the perfect word.”

Lisa’s newest book, Leading with Noble Purpose: How to Create a Tribe of True Believers is a breakthrough book that shows leaders how to win the hearts and minds of their teams and customers. This episode of Decoding Purpose was yet another incredible dive into this topic with endless facets.

Follow the link below to listen to Episode 16 of the podcast.