Lisa Messenger: The Collective Evolution Of Purpose (Part 1)

Hello and welcome to today’s episode of Decoding Purpose.

Lisa Messenger is a name familiar to most people. For those of you who have not heard of Australia's magazine maverick, Lisa is the game-changing founder and CEO of the Collective Hub. She is also an international speaker, best-selling author, and an authority on disruption in both the corporate sector and the start-up scene. Most significantly, she is one of the most purpose driven women that I know which is why Lisa has been number one on my podcast wish list for quite some time. 

In 2013 Lisa launched Collective Hub as a print magazine with no experience, and in an industry that people said is either dead or dying. Collective Hub has since grown into an international multimedia business and lifestyle platform with multiple verticals across print, digital, and events – all of which serve to ignite human potential.

I'm sure many of you listening today especially the entrepreneurs out there would have held The Collective Magazine in your hands or one of Lisa’s many books at a point in time, and if you are anything like me you would have cut the collective into pieces after reading it and collaged your office or bedroom walls with your favourite inspirational quotes. Lisa’s purpose is to be the ‘entrepreneur for entrepreneurs’ and that she is in every sense of the word. 

Before recording this interview, Lisa and I were chatting and I was reflecting on the fact that I had met her many years before she famously launched the collective magazine. We had shared an intimate dinner with mutual friends in around 2008 at Sydney's fox studios. 

We laughed about how long ago that was, however, upon reflection it was one of those poignant moments of gratitude because like so many others I had witnessed the rise of one of Australia's most prominent female entrepreneurs. I remember sitting with Lisa that night, and it was nearly impossible to fathom the journey she had been on since that night. The  evolution of a purpose that we all got to watch in awe off from the stands. 

A purpose that was deep, daring, beautiful and bold. But also purpose that was heart achingly real, raw and required a level of resilience that would break many of us. Despite that in her evolution she kept it real as the entrepreneurs entrepreneur….even when it hurt. Even when it broke and even when the call of purpose whispered...let’s do it again. Let's do it differently. 

We covered all of this and more so as you can imagine...Lisa and I had a lot of ground to cover. So much so that we decided to turn this episode of Decoding Purpose into two parts as a celebration of Lisa’s brand new book ‘Work from Wherever: How to set yourself free (and still achieve)’ which is available for pre sale today and will be released next week! Check out the show notes for links to the Collective Hub where you can buy the book. 

In the first half of my incredibly candid conversation with Lisa, we talked about her personal sense of purpose, and how she has used adversity to crystallise this. We unpacked some of the trends covered in Work from Wherever, and we also talked openly about the iteration and constant evolution of the Collective Hub and the part her magazine and team played in setting herself up for new ventures. 

Welcome to Part 1 of Decoding Purpose with Lisa Messenger.

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