Mark Bunn: Decoding Dharma The Ayurvedic Way

Regular listeners of Decoding Purpose will know that for me, a huge part of my pursuit for purpose has been exploring what some may refer to as the ‘space in between’ - consciousness or life force. For some this is a space uncovered in meditation or yoga, or for others this space is the exploration of eastern philosophies such as mindfulness. It is a space that can be found in science, nature or in the expression of art.

Whatever it is for you is a space of solitude, reflection, introspection, and of a deeper connection to the body, mind and spirit. That is why I am more than excited to dive into that space, in order to decode our personal dharma with Ayurvedic practitioner, meditation master, and keynote speaker extraordinaire Mark Bunn. 

One of things that I personally admire and respect about Mark is the manner in which he has been able to simplify and translate eastern medicine so that it makes sense in a modern world. In Fact Mark’s speaking presentations for corporate organisations really do take the transcendental and make it tool driven, practical and highly applicable to a day at work in the western world. At the heart of the conversation, is an eastern exploration of high performance, and purpose or in Ayurvedic terms our Dharma, as a super highway that allows us to step into a higher potential. 

Marks background, as a professional AFL footballer, has provided him with a deep understanding of exercise, nutrition and health science. However, his passion to understand eastern medicine was inspired by a volunteer trip to South East Asia for an aid organisation, where he witnessed people who despite living in extreme poverty where extremely happy. This made him question what was different about their way of life? 

These people weren’t worried about good fats, bad fats, cholesterol levels or high-tech exercise programs. Their levels of health and happiness were off the charts compared to our sophisticated western society. So began Mark's research into Eastern medicine. After years of studying the world's healthiest, longest living people and formal training in Ayurvedic medicine (Maharishi Ayurveda), Mark wrote ‘Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health’. It's popularity in becoming a three-time best-seller confirmed Mark's belief that making health simple is the key for sustained happiness at work and home.

Today, Mark and I covered so much ground, talking about transcendental meditation, the basics of Ayurvedic profiling, the incredible intuitive abilities of our bodies, and just how much we have to learn from ancient practices in the pursuit of purpose.