Julie Masters: Inside Influence - From Meaning To Movements


Welcome to today’s episode of the Decoding Purpose podcast. 

I have been really excited to share today's episode with you for two reasons. Firstly because I think the content is going to flip your perspective on what it means to completely own your purpose, but also because today's guest has been a great friend and a mentor for more than 15 years. A person whose brain, insights and wisdom about life and business embody what it means to be ‘world class’. 

I was reading a quote the other day by a thought leaders called David Bornstein, and I think that this quote sums up perfectly the relevance of today's interview. To share Davids words with you...he said: 

“An idea is like a play. It needs a good producer and a good promoter even if it is a masterpiece. Otherwise the play may never open; or it may open but, for a lack of an audience, close after a week. An idea will not move from the fringes to the mainstream simply because it is good; it must be skill-fully marketed before it will actually shift people's perceptions and behaviour.”

To provide context on this quote while it's one thing to have a purpose, without influence purpose is just an idea. Purpose might guide the ship, but influence is the sail. So with that in mind, what does it take to to own your voice - and then amplify it to drive an industry, a conversation, a movement or a nation because if we can understand that, then we can really understand the power that is purpose. 

Todays guest is the incredible Julie Masters -  Founder and CEO of Influence Nation. She works with business leaders and organisations to become the voice of authority in their space. With 15 years of experience and management in the speaking world, she earned a reputation for launching and advising some of the world’s most respected thought leaders. Clients include industry leading CEO’s, speakers, best-selling authors and media personalities – the voices of which have reached millions of people globally through speaking, publishing and digital channels.

Over the years, Jules and I have spent hours diving into the nuts and bolts of what makes a big idea tick, and our interview today was no different. We explored: 

  • The power of digital access channels in driving influential purpose 

  • What takes an idea into the kind of velocity to create a movement

  • Why is storytelling a currency in influence, and what are the components of great storytelling

  • Why contribution, consistency and certainty will take your purpose to the next level.

  • Why intention trumps authenticity every time 

  • We also explore the connection between the rise of purpose and the rise of influencer marketing… and much much more. 

Rebecca Tapp