Nick Craig - Leading From Purpose & Creating A Life You Can't Unlive


I think it is fair to say that 2019 is the year of purpose and everybody is talking about it. It started with Larry Fink - the CEO of Black Rock Management, writing a letter to Black Rocks CEO network titled Purpose and Profit. 

Only a few weeks ago the Business RoundTable in Washington announced the release of a new statement on the purpose of the corporation signed by 181 CEOs who committed to lead their companies for the benefit of all stakeholders - customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders. 

This is an exciting time in business, and the conversation about the significance of purpose has hit the ground running. That said, the essential thing in this time of change is that leaders do more than talk about purpose. See in the words of my next guest - purpose is where the heart aligns with the head - not the other way round. Anyone can pass the day by 'doing', whereas purpose is about 'being', and that is something we experience - not something that we as individuals are told. 

Today's guest on the podcast is Nick Craig. He is the Founder and President of the Core Leadership Institute, formerly the Authentic Leadership Institute and author of "Leading From Purpose." Nick’s insights and approach come from over 25 years of working with top teams, senior leadership programs, executive coaching, and architecting results-focused change initiatives. 

Mid-way through his career, Nick realised that what was least understood, but most needed, was to help senior leaders access their deeper wisdom in challenging times. The last 15 years, he has focused on this, resulting in the Core Leadership Institute’s ability to integrate the work of Purposeful Leadership to enable sustainable business results.

Along with "Leading from Purpose", Nick is the co-author of "From Purpose to Impact" with Scott Snook published by Harvard Business Review (May 2014). He co-authored this year’s updated release of "Finding Your True North" with Bill George of Harvard Business School and his work in leadership purpose has been used in corporate and academic settings, including GE, Unilever and Wharton’s Advanced Management Program.

In today's fascinating conversation, Nick and I covered off: 

  • How purpose as an archeological dig that uncovers layers of meaning revealed in our journey of life. 

  • We discussed why some leaders effectively integrate purpose-driven business strategy, whereas others are challenged. 

  • We decoded some of those challenges and highlighted some of the myths about purpose. 

  • We looked at the relationship between brand integrity and purpose. 

  • We dissected why purpose is not a cause - and why it must start from the inside out. 

  • We took a look at the significance of purpose in the future of leadership...and much much more. 

So grab a coffee -and get ready to dive into a world of what it takes to drive leadership impact - in the new dawn of purpose with the one and only Nick Craig.