Rebecca Tapp: Spark The Change - The DNA Of Purpose


Welcome to today's episode BONUS episode of the Decoding Purpose Podcast. 

Now today's episode is a little different, however it is one that I am more than excited to share with you for two reasons. Firstly because this podcast is a collaboration between myself and an amazing global conference that is coming to Melbourne next Friday the 13th of September called SPARK THE CHANGE. Secondly, because for the first time ever I will be sharing with you all a keynote presentations that I recorded at a conference on the Gold Coast for the Speakers Institute earlier this year that is all about how you can decode your personal purpose. 

A few weeks ago, I had a chat with the incredible Vicki Young, who is the curator of the Australian Spark The Change Conference. Now I must confess I would have loved to have shared that podcast interview you with you, but being the global nomad that Vicki is our phone line was a little crackly. With that in mind, I felt it would be more appropriate to provide you all with a summary of our chat and then you will also be as excited as I was after chatting to Vicki about what we can expect from an incredible lineup of speakers who will be landing in Melbourne next Friday for the conference. 

To give you some background, Spark The Change is an independently licensed global conference. Along with Melbourne, there are events coming up in Paris, Toronto, London and even in Casablanca to name a few locations 

You can think of the program as being a little like Tedx, but rather than focussing on ideas worth sharing - SPARK THE CHANGE - focuses on ideas that change the world, and yes they are ideas also very much worth sharing!! The Australian curator of the program is a lovely human by the name of Ed Wong. Some of you out there in the social change circles may have heard of the Dare Conference which Ed ran here in Australia before taking over the Spark The Change license three years ago. The conference has a growing reputation for quality content focused on meaning in the workplace and every year it keeps getting better and better. This year is no different. 

In today’s podcast, I am excited to announce that you will be hearing 1 minute grabs from a few of the speakers who will be gracing the stage alongside me next Friday weaved into this episode. These people are epic influencers in the areas of social impact and incredible meaning makers! Over the course of the day the speakers will be exploring three areas of purpose. They include purpose in the community, purpose in the workplace and my favourite given this podcast is all about YOU - Your purpose. 

Now I will also be speaking at the conference, and presenting my brand new topic ‘The New Dawn Of Purpose’ which is a big picture look at the trends that are acting as a catalyst for the activation of purpose and the realisation of human potential - however today I wanted to share with our podcast audience my first topic - THE DNA OF PURPOSE. 

So what can you expect from this topic - well this one is all about you. What are some of the steps we can take to explore purpose, and apply it to your life? In today's podcast I will provide you with a unique framework called The DNA OF PURPOSE that will empower you with the tools to choose to connect with purpose, to tell a story of purpose and to step into alignment. At the end of the keynote there is also a little q and a where I was interviewed by the incredible founder of the Speakers Institute Sam Cawthorn about my passion for purpose.  

I hope you enjoy this and I would love to get your feedback so feel free to ping me a message via my website if you are keen to learn more! I will also be releasing an ebook next week on this subject especially for you  - so stay tuned for that! 

In the meantime, if you are in Melbourne next Friday and can make it to RMIT University jump online today at and grab your tickets. I also have a personalised discount code so all you need to do is enter my name REBECCA into the discount code to receive 25% off. 

I hope you enjoy today's episode and welcome to the podcast!