Dare to Dream for Schools...


Our aim is to inspire, educate and activate the next generation of world changers giving them the confidence, belief and tools to succeed in the ever changing world of work. The Dare to Dream workshop series is aimed at 12-25 yr olds. Designed and led by successful entrepreneurs to inspire big thinking; our world-class business content focuses on the practical application of entrepreneurial skills. For every Australian student that graduates 'Dare to Dream' we also educate a student in a disadvantaged community.


Have Project Gen Z entrepreneurs come to you! Our On Campus Sessions can be tailored to engage with any sized group, from one class to one cohort, or even the whole school. Topics can also be tailored to suit school or University curriculums and age groups.


Did someone say school camp? The 2 day long bootcamp session includes 2 full days of activities, inspirational speakers, team building and new friends. Comfort zones will be pushed and best of all we finish it off with Project Gen Z’s Apprentice Business Challenge where everything you’ve learnt gets put into practice.


  • Research is showing that Gen Z will find it harder to transition from school into full time work.  

  • Economic changes are transforming the workplace, with automation causing  a reduction in entry level jobs.

  • Technology has impacted the development of cognitive social skills in our young people causing a 'skills gap'

  • Gen Z will have on average 17 employers and 5 separate careers in their lifetime


Our education focuses on closing the 'soft skills' gap to equip Generation Z with the skills they will need for the future of work.

The dare to dream workshops focus on passing on these important skills to ensure Gen Z are work ready. Our entrepreneurs tell 'real' stories, share experiences and empower young people to push the boundaries and step out of their comfort zones. The dare to dream apprentice business challenge allows our students to step into a real life business situation and put into practice the skills that will bridge the gap between school and work.


  • Verbal communication skills

  • Critical thinking and problem solving

  • Leadership

  • How to work collaboratively in a team and influence others

  • Presentation skills

  • Entrepreneurial and business skills

“A very engaging and educational workshop. Student were engaged and focused. It provided them with a tangible insight into the real world of business while provoking them to think about giving and caring for others.”

Strathmore North Primary