Richie Harkham is speaker, entrepreneur and Influencer in a new age of resilience. An era where building strategic resilience in our personal and professional lives will ensure that we are able to turn crises into opportunity and continue to perform at a world-class level regardless of the circumstances. 

A Return on Resilience is a process designed to empower individuals and organisations to build and bank resilience daily to create a resource that provides a return when it matters most. 

In 2014 Richie was involved in a near-death accident on his motorbike. This accident left his left leg shattered and over the following four years he battled through eight operations, a knee transplant and a golden staff infection.  It was during this time Richie realised that in life and in business Resilience is the most valuable asset we can invest in. It is the only resource that provides us with the grit required to create a transformation via a challenge.

As an entrepreneur Richie innately understands the value of hard work and has experienced all of the ups and downs that come with business life. He started out in the hospitality business at the tender age of 15, and over the following years juggled his entrepreneurial dreams with his university degree. Richie completed a Bachelor of Commerce with The University of Sydney and was invited to join the prestigious Golden Key International Honor Society. 

In 2005 Richie was curious to embark on a new business venture and followed his heart into the Hunter Valley Wine Country where he purchased his property, Harkham Wines. Richie’s wines have had global success and worldwide critical acclaim. 

With the success of Harkham Wines Richie felt compelled to give back also creating a wine named Hark Angel in order to raise the funds to build a school in Myanmar where he had spent time travelling. The success of the Hark Angel initiative inspired Richie to want to continue to build more schools and as a result Hark Angel is now officially a registered charity with a mission to build 100 schools in developing nations all over the world. 

As a speaker, Richie has steadfast business experience enabling him to unlock and amplify the role of resilience in an age redefined by rapid change and disruption. He has chosen growth in adversity, transforming a painful chapter in his life into pure purpose. 

At the heart of Richie’s message is a desire to empower people with the tools to harness resilience as a unique opportunity to get ahead and prepare in an ever-changing world. A world where sustainable innovation will not be possible without a solid foundation of resilience that provides the support and structure to evolve.


Resilience is so much more than 'being' strong. True Resilience is a resource that requires purpose, persistence, patience and the ability to persevere no matter how bleak the situation may appear to the outside world. It is the ability to anchor down and develop an unwavering faith that there is something better on the other side, regardless of the circumstance.

In this presentation, Richie Harkham presents the case that we must invest in our personal resilience as a basic life skill because as he knows too well the only thing we can expect in the unexpected. Life will inevitably present opportunities for growth disguised as crises, challenge, and change. It is our ability to claim a return on resilience when the going gets tough that enables us to sail through life toughest challenges, but we must prepare for these moments.

The audience will walk away from the presentation with a step by step process that will enable them to implement resilience as a life skill and a resource available to them in times of challenge or change. They will be inspired by Richie's courageous journey from pain to purpose and propelled to view life's challenges as the greatest opportunities for personal growth and transformation.

Key Outcomes

  • Personal Resilience

  • Inspiration

  • Resilient Leadership

  • Change and Crises Management


Rebecca Tapp